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Neon Rider

Neon Rider is another race for real men who love speed. Stylish game with good music. All you have is a motorbike and unusual raceway. Your neon lights motorcycle is also extraordinary, which makes the race even more exciting. You'll be riding on a futuristic neon track. Each path has its own color and to get the right to ride it, you need to change the color of the bike, which will help it to "cling to the ground" of the corresponding color. Generally speaking: You will find yourself in a cybernetic world, to drive a motorbike on the roads of neon. Your main task is simple. You need to go through various challenging tracks one by one, to overcome obstacles to reach the finish as quickly as possible. Appropriate attention should paid to the accuracy of the race as well as to the time. It determines the amount of the points earned. Try to ride through difficult paths, as they give more bonuses. Just be careful. If you overdo with the speed, you might fall, and it you do, everything will have to start all over again. The game has very beautiful graphics and interesting levels consisting of color problems. Each of the colors beams transmits only one color, so you have to quickly decide on which color to switch! Collect bonuses and pump your bike. Check all your skills in 20 exciting levels. Neon Rider motorcycle racing is rather unusual game also because levels get more and more difficult as you go deeper into the game. Earn points and pass the races, the further you pass the more interesting it is to play. To move, use the keys on your keyboard «W», «A», «S», «D». The color of your bike must match the site path you are riding. To change the color, click the arrow keys. Drive as fast as possible to get extra points for quick passage of levels. In the bottom left of the playing field, there is a map, looking at which, you can timely adjust your actions. Good luck and good balance!

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